Life With The Richardsons

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andy-hughes | 14:01 Sat 04th Dec 2021 | Media & TV
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Just happened upon this, it's brilliant.

I think Lucy Beaumont is gorgeous, I could listen to her talk all day.

It's wonderfully written, another strand of their comedy.

Anyone else a fan?


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Andy it does help those of us who have never heard of it, what it is.
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Apologies - it's a 'mockumentary' about the imagined and exaggerated lives of comedian Jon Richardson and his gorgeous wife, comedian Lucy Beaumont, and their neighbours and community.

Much like Alan Partridge, it is presented with a sufficiently straight face for some viewers to believe it to be an actual documentary series.
Andy, thanks for that but I meant more like this.
On TV or radio, channel, day it's on, time its on.
Mama Mia.
Here I go again.
Always liked Jon Richardson. I'll have to watch this..
Question Author
Barsel - // Andy, thanks for that but I meant more like this.
On TV or radio, channel, day it's on, time its on. //

Apologies again - it's been on Dave - I'm not sure if they have a 'catch-up' or not, I found the first episode on the net, and I am going to try and find the rest.
love this sketch
-- answer removed --
Better late than never, the wee lassies starting high school soon. :-)
Googling it doesn't always tell you all you need to know, and don't be cheeky!
Thank you Andy.
That's why I posted the link with the Channel,Day and Time.
Well ..... that was a waste of 5 min 39 secs !
Just watched that clip Johnny. Didn't Jon Richardson know it was a game of bluff?
Sean was right when he said Jon is thick.
I think I watched an episode once. I didn’t think it was funny.
I’m not a fan of Jon.
Mamya, apologies. I didn't click on it as I'm so fed up of clicking onto links that say WE USE COOKIES that I'm afraid I don't bother anymore.
Thanks for going to the trouble of posting it though.

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Life With The Richardsons

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