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grumpy01 | 19:41 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | Media & TV
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How can the marking be so diverse.Craig gives a 7 which suggests that there a couple of things not right then Shirley Ballas gives 10 which suggests,by definition, the dance was perfect???????


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Craig seems to be scoring lower than he was 2 weeks ago. He's making up for lost time.
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If he is just doing it to be perverse then it makes no sense but if he is correct ?
They all mark too high. It leaves no room for improvement.
Have to agree with Hopkirk - the marking these days is so far removed from even just a couple of years ago.
I thought that Dan and Rhys were overmarked and Rose and AJ were undermarked while the scores for Tilly and John were about right.
I also thought that Dan was overmarked and Rose undermarked, didn't see Tilly so can't comment
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Dan has one more chance,at least,to improve.
Dan should have gone by now.
Old miseryguts is back with his ridiculously low marks !! I think AJ definitely deserved more for her dance. I think Dan will go tonight, but it will be a shame because he's enjoying himself so much !
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Shirley,read my post from last night.
As long as judges are consistent in their marking, it won't make a difference to the overall positions.
We mustn't lose sight of the fact that this is an entertainment show.

Craig critiques professionally, and his points are always worth being listened to by the dancers, if they can hear him through the chorus of pantomime booing.

I watched last night, we at my MIL's for tea, so we all watched, I don;t usually see it - but I did notice that the dancers do listen to Craig becuase his points are not personal, but are accurate.

The rest seem to be taking it lightly, which is fine, it is entertainment, not an audition for the Bolshoi.
Such is the result of subjectivity
I don't think he's correct grumpy, that would mean the other three are wrong ! I wish he'd stayed away !

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