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andy-hughes | 11:39 Thu 25th Nov 2021 | Media & TV
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I see Richard Madely has been taken to hospital 'as a precaution' after falling ill on the show.

I remember forty years ago when we as a nation watched aghast as Clive James showed clips of Endurance', a Japanese game show where contestants were tortured for the entertainment of the viewing masses, and he quite rightly pointed out that this was a hugely horrible way to offer something disguised as amusement for anyone who was disturtbed enough to find entertainment in it. We all put it down to a fundamental cruelty in the Japanese psyche, and nodded that we are very very different in the West.

Now, we have exactly the same thing, except without even the poor excuse of offering money prizes to unknowns - we have it with rich 'celebrities' being paid fees to humilaite themselves for the edification of the viewing public.

What sort of a viewing nation have we become where making people ill is seen as entertainment? If we have slid down that path in a mere forty years, what sort of a dystopian future are we headed for?

Are we going to torture animals for amusement? Oh, I forgot, we've already done that in this horrible programme - but because the creatures concerned do not make any noise when eaten alive, and are not judged attractive enough for anyone to disgusted at their treatment, only their appearence.

I honestly think we have to have a serious look at what sort of a culture we are turning into, and maybe think about stopping this nonsense, however popular it may be.

Popularity is simply not justification for this kind of programme - let's be honest, you could produce a show of bear baiting and it would achieve an audience.

Time to stop pandering to the worst in people, before we start 'entertaining' ourselves with spectacles that would make the ancient Romans turn away.


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Totally agree. Never watched this freak show & never will.
Why do people watch this?The talentless pair who “host” this programme are inexplicably loved by millions.Their skill set would be put too far better use stacking shelves in Tesco.
Was just going to put exactly what Dave said.
I agree. I posted this on another thread in October:
"I wonder what Clive James would make of today's UK tv programmes?

I loved his show mocking bizarre and dreadful tv programmes from around the world and now the UK broadcasters have embraced them.

We are in no position to criticise the USA or any other country these days for what counts as tv entertainment"

I have watched 30 minutes of one episode of I'm a Celeb and that was more than enough. There are many programmes made by British producers that I will not watch because I believe them to be cruel, humiliating or both and yet some of them seem very popular.

There is nowt so strange as folk
Nobody gives a second thought to my queasiness when Mr Madeley appears on my screen.

Agree, but as long as people are willing to be tortured or humiliated for attention / cash it will carry on.
I never watch this type of nonsense. I wouldn't find it even remotely entertaining.

I wonder if you would make an exception in respect of Gloria?! lol

Apart from his other considerable talents, Mr James made a good few bob from parading oddball foreigners before us then holding his palms to his face in faux shock.

The public gets what the public wants as someone once screeched.
Question Author
douglas - // The public gets what the public wants as someone once screeched. //

That's true - up to a point.

The public 'wants' to be able to smoke in public, the public 'wants' to be able to drink and drive ... the list goes on.

Just because something has a market that gives it monetary value is not sufficient in and of itself to mean that it is offered.

As a society, we owe it to ourselves to see what is simply not acceptable to a civilised culture and, although we cannot prevent it from finding an outlet, becuase anything will if sufficient demand is there, we can draw the line at offering it for prime-time entertainment on our telvisions.
Question Author
Barmaid - // I wonder if you would make an exception in respect of Gloria?! lol //

No, I have to confirm that even my accepted distate for Ms Hunniford's approach to bereavement, it would never extend to watching her willingly parade herself for physical pain and ritual humiliation for the watching enjoyment of millions.

I don't dislike her that much!!!!
I agree. I just can't understand how anyone can find this program even remotely entertaining. And as for the two Geordies..............enough said. How are they so popular and win so many accolades ??
I agree with dave and everyone else so far. We need to hear the views of the many ABers who do watch it. I've even seen posts on AB about getting excited because a new series is coming so it must entertain a lot of people.
I mentioned this, Andy, in a recent thread about IACGMOOH. I clearly remember people's reaction to those Japanese shows and feel the same as you. I simply can't believe people watch it for entertainment!!
As for Ant and Dec, well the awards keep coming, but we refuse to watch anything where they are involved.
Well said andy-hughes
And there's me that feels guilty if I tread on a 'creature' by accident! I find myself disliking humans more each day!!
I agree with everyone.
Just do not understand the mentality of people who consider this trash entertainment.
Does anyone know what's wrong with Richard Madeley?
I watched bits when it first came on as I wondered what the interactions between contestants would be like. But it was extremely uncomfortable viewing...not just for the nasty and disgusting tasks people were made to do. And I gather it's worse now. I just don't understand why anyone puts themselves through participating or watching.
Is there something in human nature that allows some to enjoy it?
I disagree with most of what’s been said . It’s no worse than cookery programmes and soap operas . let’s get more more quiz shows I think there maybe half a hour on Wednesday when there’s no quiz show .

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