Car Restorations On Tv

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davebro | 15:39 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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We have a multitude of these on TV - too many to name in fact!
Do we really need Richard Hammond starting another one? Maybe other car enthusiasts /dealers could start theirs (David Dickinson, Chris Evans?). Don't get me wrong - I am interested in cars but there is such a thing as overkill! Cooking/cakes/dancing - there's not much on TV now that isn't "reality". What happened to drama, variety & comedy?


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first I've heard of it, when's it on?
He means 'link?', davebro. :-p
You are right. It seems like some celebrities do it just for the money. But, thinking about it they are trying to make a living.
The only car related shows I watch is Car SOS (I fast forward through the 'story') and the lovely, relaxing, nostalgia wallow that is Bangers and Cash.
Gave up on Wheeler Dealers a long time ago.

Still plenty of drama and comedy on tele. :)
We need more antique progs on:-)
There's also a multitude of quite easy to avoid anything "reality" that you don't like.
I'll avoid this - because I really don't like Hammond.
If it was James May I would watch it (except that I don't pay for any TV)
Television is governed by two driving forces - how expensive is it to make, and how popular will it be, which directly impacts much advertising revenue it will generate.

In the case of cooking and car shows, both of them hit the mark, which is why they make so many of them.

Personally, I don't watch either of them, but there are clearly millions who do, which is why companies keep churning them out.
Question Author
Where are all the acrobats/jugglers/magicians? Would David Nixon make a living these days?
There was a spate of street magicians - Dynamo etc. but they seem to have died the death.
davebro - // Where are all the acrobats/jugglers/magicians? Would David Nixon make a living these days?
There was a spate of street magicians - Dynamo etc. but they seem to have died the death. //

Tastes and attitudes in audiences change and evolve, and what is perceived as appealing shifts as well.

For instance, there was a time when people whose sanity and judgement you would happily trust in other areas, used to believe quite sincerely, that Michael Barrymore was not only worth watching, but offered something defined as 'entertainment'.

It takes all sorts.
I always doubted the sanity of people who enjoyed Barrymore.

Similar to Mrs Brown's Boys fans.
In my younger days i did lots of car repairs for friends. I'm not a trained mechanic but always sorted problems out for them. Changed a few engines and gearboxes in my time and no end of clutches and head gaskets. Bearing all of that in mind, these car programmes hold no interest at all for me. My friend used to find and restore vintage cars. He once bought a Morris Major and restroed that. I believe there were very few ever manufactured. It looked like one of those gangster cars you see in The Untouchables. don't know who he sold it to, or how much he got for it. He also bought a MK1 Jaguar, the "Morse" one, and the same colour. He had no end of trouble with the registration plate which was
9990 NE, but when he got the log sheet back after change of ownership, the reg was showing as 999 ONE. The trouble he had over that was mind boggling. Sorry; rambling a bit there!
Just had a look at the Morris Major on Wikip, but that isn't the car my friend bought. It was much bigger and a lot older. I must have got the wrong vehicle mixed up with another of his projects!
I knew of the Morris Minor, and Mini Minor, but never knew there was a Morris Major.
I remember them, Hopkirk

I didn't know there was another one back in the 30s, though.
It seems the 30s one was British, while the 50s one was Australian.
Why didn't Mr Google find that?

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