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Sqad | 10:16 Mon 25th Oct 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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There we go, get the crisps out and slip into something "comfortable " for an evening on the settee.
The Exception.....Prime I think.


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Have you resorted to watching TV during the daytime Sqad?
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Not bloody likely wolf, just GMTV news in the morning, then no TV until the evening.
What a relief. Does Mrs S keep the remote control until after dinner?
Thanks Sqad, have just read the précis out to other half and I think it’s something we’d both enjoy :)
Don’t know if it’s your cup of tea, but we’ve watched the first episode of The Underground Railway. It’s a fictional tale about slavery and is quite disturbing.
If you do fancy it, read The Guardian review rather than one or two others.
‘Railroad’ not Railway. Amazon Prime.
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Message received and understood Vagus.
Two thirds of the way through The Exception, Sqad, both thoroughly enjoying it.
I’ve never been much of a history lover but this has made me do a bit of research about the Kaiser which I’ve found very interesting.
If you have any further recommendations I’d be very pleased to hear about them.
Many thanks x
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Will do Vagus.
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P.S I am not just a pretty face you know -;)
Not even I’ve heard ;o)

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