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puzzled54 | 19:02 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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Didn’t we used to have a strictly thread every week last year?


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strictly speaking..... yes
There was a thread last week but it was largely about the lights and no warnings.

Good show tonight though.
The judges seemed to be a bit more conservative in their scoring tonight.
Quite a few 9s given though.
Craig certainly didn't rate either of the Sambas.
Who went tonight?
If tonight was anything to go by, the boys will romp home, they were superb.

If that does happen and they do win, I wonder how many milliseconds after the announcement will calls of "fix" and "woke BBC" appear on these pages?
I think you know the answer to your last question Mozz, I have only voted for them when they've been in the best top 3 on the night.
Mamya, I've only seen a couple of shpws, and they've been great both times.

Oh, and the answer: Before the credits have even started to roll.
I gave my votes to John, Rosie and Tilly tonight (I was swithering over AJ but went for Tilly after her disgraceful experience this week)
John Tilly & AJ for me tonight.
Is it good this year ?, haven't watched any of this tears yet. Who do do think is going to be in the finals ?
tears ! ( thats tomorrow night isn't it )
It is very good this year - some great dancers

The top ones seem to be John & johannes, Rosie & Giovanni, Tilly & Nikita and AJ and Kai
Thanks Toorak, I will start watching it again from next Saturday.
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Good, that’s got us chatting again
Seems AJ and Kai are an item now. Surprised to read that Kai is 26 - I think he looks much older.
mozz, if they get in the final it'll be before the program actually airs :)
Do NOT open it you don't want to know the outcome from yesterday.

You have been warned...

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