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dave50 | 18:10 Thu 14th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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When are the bbc going to let it drop. Saving the planet, climate change, carbon footprint, carbon neutral etc etc. Its infiltrating all types of programs on the BBC, news, documentaries nearly every bloody day and don't they love pushing these programs all the time, even dramas must now have references to any of the above now. Getting tired of being preached to.


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Dave, Do you not believe that saving the planet, trying to mitigate climate change and carbon emissions, is a good thing? Do you think it wrong to talk about such issues?
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Yes but I think people have more immediate worries at the moment than trying to be climate neutral or their carbon footprint, like being able to afford to heat their homes for a reasonable price and put fuel in the car to be able to drive to work. As has been said many times previously, whatever we do in the UK will have a negligible effect on the world's climate.
dave... people do worry more about feeding their families and heating their homes. That's why we need governments to try to balance giving people what they need in the short term with what they need in the long term. Governments who stick with short-term (i.e. most of them) keep themselves in power in the short term, but do no long-term good for the human race.
dave we are the no2 in the world climate change responder, I just wish they'd *** about all this bowlocks and go and pick on the countries that can possibly make a difference.
Often these programmes show you ways to reduce the amount you waste, thereby saving money to help allay some of those worries you mention.

Not seen this particular programme yet.
Now, TTT, you did say you'd never appear onstage with me again! :-))
TTT; do you really think that UK cannot make a difference to the world's future?
Dave's talking about the BBC not the government. The more they bang on about it the less notice people will take. It is in almost every tv programme and the radio is possible worse, especially when Jeremy Vine thinks he can make it better.
I'm concerned about climate change and other enviromental things like plastic in seas / pollution, but I agree some of the propoganda/information on this might be falling on deaf ears or even turning people off. I was listening to something on the radio today was some body was pleading for all book/story writers to put the climate crisis at the centre of all there stories.
I guess the answer is vote with your TVs. Watch one of the other 200 or so available channels. If viewing figures are rock bottom, the Beeb will stop showing such programmes. If the viewing figures are healthy, then I guess more people are interested in it than you thought.
// saving the planet //

is it about to blow itself to atoms?
Question Author
Mozz - the BBC won't care if the viewing figures are rock bottom, they think they occupy the moral high ground so will still continue banging on about it.
> people have more immediate worries at the moment

People always have more immediate worries. The day climate change is an immediate worry, it'll be decades too late to do anything about it.
I always thought that the sun controls our planets weather,what caused the ice age? if not.
I have watched the programme and there were a few worthwhile ideas that I am going to try - not necessarily to 'save the planet' but to save my pennies.

I did question the bamboo toilet roll, though. Can't see how it is green as the bamboo is imported.
I refer the honourable members to my OP on Wed Oct 13th.
See below.
I'm sick of hearing about it too. I don't watch any more. The same with 'woke' programmes. I've been watching 'Back in time for School' and even that is peppered with current thinking - or what 'they' think we should be thinking. Political correctness is way out in front of history - and just about everything else too.
fcc is spot on @ 22.05. 'Tis the Sun wot dun it yer warship.
people are worried about how to put food on the table and how to heat their homes, all these programmes do is put people off. I wish though something was done about litter on our streets, dog mess as well, someone inscribed a message on the pavement outside indicating where people had put the dog mess in bags but then left them on the pavement, saying that they were slobs basically.
//I always thought that the sun controls our planets weather,what caused the ice age? if not.//
Your obviously a leading scientist . Maybe worth letting the other scientists know that 99% of them have missed the obvious and got there science all wrong. Have you published a paper for peer review fcc/10CS??

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