Watching The Repair Shop

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Bobbisox1 | 19:30 Wed 06th Oct 2021 | Media & TV
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And Marcia and her black doll, it so reminded me of Susie my black doll , my Mum knitted her ‘pull-ups and cardigans , she was the best dressed dolly for miles around


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I just wish the BBC would remember it's called the Repair Shop and not the Sob Shop. in the early days it concentrated on the skills of the people who repaired the items, without whom there would be no programme. Now the background stories are more prevalent and seemingly more important.
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Very true Vulcan , it’s becoming more like Surprise, Surprise now
The guy who does the musical instrument repairs is my go to watch. The skilled repair practitioners are all wonderful and fascinating in their own ways and the objects featured remind us all of times gone but remembered. Steve the clockmaker/mechanical go to solver is another that I can connect with. Top show, and a top show that taps into everything that the BBC seemingly despises. Our past and history.
The suitcase repair this evening was amazing ...
^^ It was indeed ... !
It is a good programme but the Repair Shop itself needs repairing, have you noticed the poor state of the outside walls and door that need a good covering of wood preservative.
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I think it’s meant to look authentic and perhaps rustic William
I think they do without the stuffed toys (no not Jay Blades!).
could do without
i tend to agree with Vulcan, there are too many sob stories, i like the programme when it just concentrates on the repair team and the end product.
davebro, perhaps it's a nod in the direction of an earlier BBC show 'The Generation game' where the prizes conveyer belt had to include a cuddly toy every week. I quite like the two ladies though, especially when they are referred to as 'the bear (bare) ladies'. :o)
Totally agree with you, Vulcan. I fast forward through the chatter and just watch the repairs, so disappointed my once favourite show has taken this route.

Same as Car SOS - I don't need to hear the medical problems of the car owners.

I FF through the teddies. There are only so many times I need to see a teddy being taken apart, washed, put back together and given new stuffing and a bow.
There is no doubt the ladies are good at what they do but they are not skilled in the same way as some of the others in my opinion.
"Salvage Hunters - The Restorers" demonstrates restorers' skills very well. And because it is dealers/restorers there isn't the emotional content.

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Watching The Repair Shop

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