Vigil Last Episode.

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bednobs | 20:48 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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i dont understand how someone (many people?) can write a gripping drama, then let it down so badly in the last episode. Almost as letting down as line of duty!


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The last scene between the two policewomen was torturous. Otherwise I quite enjoyed it .
I have this on my sky box to watch tomorrow

I have to say, I do really like it and hope the ending isn't too much of a letdown...
Agree - we could have done without the overt lesbian torment, not that I have anything against homosexuality....but this was all a bit OTT.
DT, nothing to do with them being lesbian, would have been equally tortuous had it been a heterosexual couple. The dialogue / direction was awful.

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Vigil Last Episode.

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