Tess, Claudia, Shirley And Craig Younger Than Ever

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Theblip | 21:01 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Isn’t there a restriction on the number of lifts in Strictly?


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It's no longer so much about the dancing, more the image and effect. The judges are becoming irritating already.
21:10 Sat 25th Sep 2021
Face lifts?
It's no longer so much about the dancing, more the image and effect. The judges are becoming irritating already.
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Agreed Rowan. They have been for years. Bring back Arlene and Len!
Well I thoroughly enjoyed it, nice to have an easy to watch light entertainment programme on a Saturday night.
It’s never really been just about the dancing, it’s an entertainment show. Having said that, the dancing by the celebrities was phenomenal for week one.
Great to have it back :)
It was a splendid show and some couples show tremendous promise.
Len was REALLY annoying.
i liked it tonight. that dragons den lady was a lot thinner than i remember her being
I bet she'll lose more as the weeks go by.
unlikely - she wasnt very good in a field of people who were
I haven't watched this show for years, but may well join the present Mrs Hughes in observing one of the professional dancers, who is an ex-pupil of hers.
Hopkirk - // Len was REALLY annoying. //

I have pointed out at various times on various threads about the dangers of assuming the wider popularity of somone outside their original remit.

It's something that producers seem to have an ongoing blind spot about.

Witness the fact that when Len Goodman left Strictly, he was given a dance series, a slot on national radio, and a weekly quiz show, none of which lasted more than a few weeks.


For the very obvious reason - to me if not to them - that Len Goodman as a Strictly judge brought a large degree of professional knowledge, and a limited level of personal charm to proceedings.

But outside the comfort zone of that show, Len Goodman was exposed for what he actually is - a senior gentleman with the televisual appeal and charisma of a paper clip.

He wasn't the first - he won't be the last.
I didn't watch Strictly much when he was on it, partly because of him.

I started watching more though when the lovely Darcey Bussell was a judge.
// But outside the comfort...........charisma of a paper clip.//

yeah agree that you get one chance or break,
and you can screw it ....

Just call saul goodman got his break because Jonathan Troutman ( he has mackerel eyes ! o god he is gonna kill me!) was busy that afternoon....

The French policeman in the Jason Statham films ( the computer console is almost my pillow - I was only cooking madeleines whilst I waited....) was another
I liked Len - but I gave up watching strictly a few series ago. Same old ....
Strictly should be cancelled forthwith as only 2 of the professional dancers have full Covid vaccinations.

I forsee trouble ahead.
Sqad, please don’t tell me you watch that rubbish tv ?
No anne,I have NEVER watched it but Mrs sqad is furious.
What, with your eye for the ladies Sqad? You're missing out.
I thought it was 2 that DIDN'T have full vaccinations.
Ironically Amy has tested positive who has been double vaccinated

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Tess, Claudia, Shirley And Craig Younger Than Ever

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