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Choux, we watched the first episode. Are there any more available .
Thoroughly enjoying this. Martin Clune is a great actor. Can't praise him enough.
Question Author
anne, 4 straight nights Mon-Thur, so half way through.
It was on last night and tonight. (and Monday)(in Wales, anne)
Thanks .
Not sure I like the character that Clunes is playing.
And I presume that character wrote the book/screenplay.
Still, if he did solve all those appalling crimes, I'll cut him some slack.
Question Author
Spicerack, that will be a lot of slack then :)

Nice to see Jack Shepherd playing Colin's dad, but I wonder if Colin's parents will be victims of Minstead Man.
No I don't think so choux - it's based on a true story!
Colin Sutton was the one who grot Levi Bellfield - he's a good man.
I never realised I was working for Levi Bellfield, until many years later.
I'm really enjoying it as well and, as you say, Martin Clunes is very good in it.
Question Author
Indeed he is, hellywelly and it is a refreshing change to see an S.I.O handling such a case with sensitivity, both for the victims and members of the police team.

I just felt a chill up my spine when Colin said goodnight to his elderly dad warning him to lock the front door and bolt the patio doors...
Thoroughly enjoying it, and Martin Clunes is a great actor. I enjoyed the first series too.
Excellent series, (both of them) can't wait for tomorrow to see the final episode.
I'll just have to watch Mrs Wilson until then.
Not a fan of Martin Clunes, but he’s excellent in this series .
I've always liked him Anne in his light comedic stuff and for his documentaries with animals, but this role is so different and show what a great serious actor he is. Did you see the first series? Well worth watching.
Haven’t seen this yet but will try to on catch up. Always amazes me how Martin Clunes switched from such daft comedy roles such as Men Behaving Badly, to roles such as this, Doc Martin etc…..and did so well. Love him.
I have not lottie. But I intend to find the first series .
is the first seeries also MC?
It's only based on a true story but may deviate and his parents being victims would certainly be shocking as the Night Stalker usually targeted people living on their own.
I know it's not funny but had to smile at him being called the 'Dear' Stalker!
Excellent programme from all concerned.

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