Dev, The Dreadful Actor In Corrie

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Bobbisox1 | 19:54 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Catching up on our Corries, he’d be better as a Shakespearean actor with his crescendos at the dinner party for his son and Summer
How they keep him there is unbelievable!


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Are there actually any decent actors in the soaps?
He’s been in it for 25 years. Bit late now, Bobbi.
He turned up at the studio one day to read the meter and through a series of hilarious coincidences ended up on screen all these years.

Can't think of any other reason for putting up with the ham.
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I was away then Sharon , didn’t see that thread

Haha, @ Douglas, that’ll be right

Can anyone remember he was done for drugs , I think it was in the time of the News of the World, I think he was either suspended or went into rehab?
Hopkirk, Corrie has spawned some fantastic actors (Sarah Lancashire, Suranne Jones, Sarah Lancashire, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Katherine Kelly as fine examples) who have gone on to do great drama and still has great actors such as David Neilson and Patti Clare.
Bobbi, that was in 2012 when he was caught taking cocaine. He had already been done for shoplifting - he got a caution for swapping price labels.
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And still kept his job !!!
Makes one wonder if WOKE was in its infancy way back then Barry ?
I think if TV companies sacked everyone who took cocaine there would be very few actors left :D
Richard Madeley kept his job after shoplifting a trolley full of wine - that probably set a precedent
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I though he got done for nicking a jar of coffee?
A bit different from snorting cocaine …innit? ;0))
Almost as irritating in real life. He obviously has a very high opinion of himself, judged by his behaviour.

barry - Richard Madeley was acquitted of all charges regarding the wine/supermarket incident
Yes, I know he was. Many, many other people have been found guilty of shoplifting after claiming it was a memory lapse - he was very lucky.
Dare I say it, I like Dev !
Hey Bobbi, no problem, thought you'd wanna see what was said before.
Hope you had a nice time!
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I think his screen son is coming to his own now Shirley and his daughter is a beauty
Great time thanks Sharon x
His screen son is a good little actor and a nice looking boy.
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I’m pleased he got his hair cut though , it was a weird hairstyle he originally had ,both him and his screen sister are ‘lookers’

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Dev, The Dreadful Actor In Corrie

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