Ooops! Corrie

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barry1010 | 08:58 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Am I the only one that missed last night's episode? I didn't know it was on. No problem as it recorded so I shall watch it later.


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No, I saw it. I almost did a thread to let fans know it was on last night, but as it was announced at the end of Wednesday night's, I just decided everybody would know. Sorry !
A bit of comedy in it for a change!
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That is the downside of watching everything on record, Shirley. As soon as the end credits start I delete it. Still, a nice surprise - Corrie night tonight :D
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I haven't seen it yet, ellie :|
I always watch it on record.
did you notice when tyrone came out from underneath the table he knocked it over, next shot it was back on 4 legs with wine glasses still on it
I see they've given Max a new head! I always find it unsettling when they do this, takes me ages to get used to the newby.
Yes Caran and he seems to have aged about five years too!!!!
.....and grown at least another 12 inches.

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Ooops! Corrie

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