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bobbinwales | 20:38 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Ken (Billl Roache) doesn't sound so good tonight does he?


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fair play , he is 89 years old
Question Author
Agree, but he seem's to have aged 5 to 10 years in the year his been off the show
He has Covid and was quite poorly and maybe we didn't notice him aging when we saw him regularly
Sorry, he HAD Covid
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Thanks. I didnt realise that- I just assumed he was shielding for a year
Gosh, is he 89 ? I think Rita is ageing well, she never seems to change, but Ken did look very old last night. Fair play to him for wanting to keep on working.
Rita is 87 in real life, hope she and Ken go on forever
Me too.
That's because he is a drawing, Ken :|
I thought it was quite noticeable with Ken last night that his hair style kept changing as did his voice.
When his hair looked ok, he sounded ok, but when his hair changed to a different style, he didn't sound too good.
Think it just shows that one day is filmed on different days, if you know what I mean.
Nothing is filmed in sync for tv and film, Barsel - it's not theatre. I think that aspect must be quite tricky for the actors, one minute they are bawling their eyes out because their loved has just died, next minute they are nagging them to do the washing up.

I don't know if you've noticed but Corrie and everything filmed recently has a lot of 'back of the head, over the shoulder' shots when two people are facing each other chatting. You see the back of the listener's head when the other is talking, then the camera changes to the back of the other person's head. It was very noticeable in Vera. That's camera trickery - they are really on their own during the chat, imagining the other person is there.
I think it is very well done, on the whole, coping with filming during social distancing.
It does look strange don't you think when there are 3 or 4 talking on the street and they are standing so far apart from each other?
I noticed with Eileen a while ago, I think she may have been talking to George outside.
When it was showing her face, her hair was nice and tidy, but when the shot was from the back of her, her hair was blowing like mad.
I suppose they just shoot scenes and then I suppose it would be up to the editors to put them in sequence and make sure there is continuity, which there isn't always.
Very obvious to me last night that Kens hairstyle kept changing, and it wasn't due to the wind. :-)

And Max has morphed into a completely different person, physically and in behaviour!!
I think one of the biggest character changes in Corrie (without changing the actor) is Simon. He was a cute little kid and morphed in to a total brat
Lottie, it's been in the news lately that there is a new boy to play Max. I liked the other Max, time will tell if I can get used to this new version of him but if he's going to be naughty, I probably won't.
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Glad to say he sounds fine again tonight, back to he's old self

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Coronation Street- Ken

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