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davebro | 19:02 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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Why did the beautiful, funny, talented Ms Greig get involved with the puerile rubbish that is "Friday Night Dinner"?


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She maybe took it on after realising that there was a target audience and those not in that group might not 'get it'.

Alternatively she may have a massive mortgage to pay.

I suppose it depends on your pov, as with so many things in life.

I like it.

Friday Night Dinner is brilliant. I've watched all 5 series a few times now and it's my kind of humour. Together with The Inbetweeners.
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Liked her in "Black Books".
i loved watching friday night dinner especially jim lol
I love Jim. 'Hello Jackie, you look nice....'
Like Dave, I liked her in the brilliant Black Books. Not seen FND, as I wasn't a massive fan of The Inbetweeners, and it seemed cut from a similar cloth.
Sadly, I don't suppose there will be any more Friday Night Dinners after the passing of Paul Ritter.
I watched two series and they were interchangeable.

Dad wandered around with no shirt on, boys arrived for dinner, neighbour arrived and pretended badly to be scared of his own dog ... and that was it, every week.

Did something fabulous evolve, or was it more of the same for five more series?

I loved her in Episodes.
Great actress.

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