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Barsel | 10:43 Tue 07th Sep 2021 | Media & TV
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I watch it to keep my mind active as I've felt recently that my memory isn't as good as I think it should be, especially on the picture rounds when I recognise people but their name doesn't always come into my mind.
On the picture round yesterday there were 16 pictures of people who have been in soaps or pop stars or both.
I've never watched EastEnders in my life, but I recognised Anita Dobson, David Essex, Martine McCutcheon, Shane Ritchie. There was Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan Kim Marsh, Shayne Ward and Martin Kemp, Natalie Imbruglia, Claire Sweeney etc and although I didn't recognise a few of them, I couldn't believe that 3 contestants couldn't name even 1 and each scored 100 points.
How are you at recognising celebs, would you have recognised any of these?


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i would have recognised all of them but a couple of names might have evaded me

// but their name doesn't always come into my mind.//

nominal dysphasia - very common, I am surprised that I remembered that label

and yes dementia exercises involved this sort of thing - so keep it up. (difficulty is that people who can do it - do it so any conclusion that it prevents progression ( they could have done it anyway) may be false
oh they had one
16 passing faces from foo-foo's band 2012-7
and not having heard of or heard Foo-foo
I um didnt do well

oh I got all the prime ministers.....
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I recognised Duncan James but couldn't remember his name although I knew he was from Blue.
There were a few I recognised but couldn't put a name to and I think one I didn't recognise at all.
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PP Foo Foo Lamar? Didn't know he/she had a band. :-)
yeah it was Duncan James and Blue
I just sat there with my mouf open

oh does anyone want to do Pointless wiv me? I'm free ! ( and live in Manch )
Question Author
Are you free Mr P? I live in Manc land too but I can't match some of your knowledge.
I've always wanted to do Pointless but my friends are cowards All very bright but have friends who watch it and scared of embarrassing themselves
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Rowan, I would be the same.
It is always good to keep our minds exercised, Barsel.
I agree that it is amazing that 3 could not name a single person. We often say that nerves on camera can play a significant part but nevertheless.
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If the first Mr Barsel saw that board, he probably wouldn't know anyone unless they were sports people.
I suppose I have a very high embarrassment threshold. I do however have a mind that collects a lot of random stuff and a number of areas I know a lot about. However I would be a complete numpty on popular culture and reality tv.
Well Mica Paris stumped me, I couldn't recall her being in a soap.
Having been on Pointless (and several other shows) and won, I would whole heartdly say 'go for it'. Once you are on the show , your nerves will go and if you feel like you'd be embarrased when your friends say 'you didn't do very well', you can say to them 'if you're so clever, you do it!'. Its great fun doing TV shows...please apply, you won't regret it!
Looking at that list of names I doubt that I could recognise any of them, there are some there I've never heard of. It's the one type of round on Pointless where I would be totally hopeless as opposed to just hopeless.

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