Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing

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MargoTester | 13:18 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | Media & TV
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For those interested a new series of this delightful programme starts Sunday 39th on BBC2 @ 10.00. Just two lifelong friends having chat and a laugh, I love it.


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It's a delightful programme isn't it?

Glad to have it back.
Ta Margo, I love it as well. One of the best things on TV for me, it's such a joyful watch :-)
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So restful after all the violence on TV these days
I have tried to recommend it to several friends, and they say they aren't interested in fishing, but it isn't about the fishing , it's a gentle programme about friendship, beautiful scenery and some very touching moments, I love it!
Yes I saw this advertised Margo, thanks for the reminder. I just love the programme!
I think the best thing is Vic Reeves was always a bigger name than Bob Mortimer and Harry Enfield was always a bigger name than Paul Whitehouse. But this show, shows us who has the real class. Beautiful scenery and a great bromance.
I'm reading their book and it is brilliant! The fishing is secondary and I can relate to their health issues. The whole thing is an uplifting story of rock solid friendship. Can't wait for the new series. You do not have to be a fishing fan!
Sunday 39th is worthy of Mr Mortimer in full flow. I'd expect about 20 minutes worth. :-)
Lovely relaxing programme. Looking forward to watching it.
as an aside, Bob Mortimer's appearances on 'Would I Lie to You' are hilarious

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Ael - so true I always make a point of watching when I know he's on WILTY - even the repeats. I just love David Mitchell's reaction to him.
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Apologies it's on at 8.00 not 10.00 sorry
I watched the first episode of the first series this afternoon and found it so gentle and charming, with a nice touch of humour. The fishing really is secondary to the programme isn’t it?
I had no idea they’d both had serious heart problems.
Finally caught up with the first episode of the new series and as usual just takes me away with them and leaves all nasty times elsewhere :-),for 30 mins! My fav bits were Bob's falling over ( i have my own over 60 now balance probs,) but, the two of them lighten it all up;-) The gorgeous beachscapes with the theme from Robinson Crusoe gave me spine tingles! When they started to play Misty Blue at the end over the credits it was perfection! The bbc however, thought we'd rather hear about up-coming programmes and yakked all over it :-( Talk about bad manners!
Love the tracks they choose on this programme .. one of tonight's ..
Free .. Little bit of love ..

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Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing

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