Mary From Gogglebox Has Died :(

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Smowball | 12:41 Mon 23rd Aug 2021 | Media & TV
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Had no idea she was 92 - thought she was years younger. Used to love her and her best friend Marina - really made me laugh they did.


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not mary and giles mary?
No, the thin lady of the two friends from Bristol.
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Yes that’s her brainiac x
Awe, very sad. Best friends weren't they!
Love this programme, makes me laugh loads. I wonder if the other lady will carry on being filmed?
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I don’t know Eleanor - won’t be the same without Mary tho, very sad.
Only if she brings along another friend I would imagine eleanor.

RIP Mary, you were a lovely lady x
I've just thought of something, she can hardly talk to herself can she!
Yes she did seem a lovely lady, old school values x
Question Author
Honestly thought she was years younger
Two of my favourites, I will miss her
RIP Mary, a special lady.
Oh what a shame...I thought those 2 were a real giggle.
Ahhhh. A lovely lady who always had a twinkle in her eye. She will be missed.
Sad at her passing, but what an inane programme to be remembered for.
Theland, it’s called fun. Try it.
And now Andy Michael. 2 in a week. Bless.

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Mary From Gogglebox Has Died :(

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