Do They Think We Are Stupid

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lankeela | 20:49 Mon 16th Aug 2021 | Media & TV
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when on programmes they pretend to knock on a door and the person opens it as though they are surprised but there are obviously cameras already inside. Classic case is Long Lost Families - Davina and Nick go to someone's house as though they have just pulled up outside. We know they do many takes for this sort of thing so why do they keep up the pretence?


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it's not a pretence, it's a standard filming technique.
I enjoy spotting the lady who felt the need for a new hair do because they know they are going to be on TV. It always looks too 'set'
Responding to the headline, yes, 'they' do.

On the wider points, you need to lighten up a wee bit, and that's coming from the crab-in-chief. :-)
It makes for good TV, or so they say
also Who do you fink you are

Jonquil has to start with her parents and so she drives to Hereford.
hi Mum
oh hello darling - come in ...

It is formulaic - and I think they keep up the pretence because quite a lot is air-brushed anyway. - I find Long Lost families pretty hypnotising - a baby left in a doorway of a down beat hotel -" so mum knew I would be found ....."
another in a public loo .....

a farmer who had a wife and a spare - land worker from the war who kinda didnt go home in 1945.

"Oh I have a half bruvva!" - well you have 10 actually. Mum liked having babies but not bringing them up. - we all knew each other and kept in touch ....

davina doo-dah's mum was a crazy lady in herself
so she sortta had a lot of practice
barry ///I enjoy spotting the lady who felt the need for a new hair do because they know they are going to be on TV. It always looks too 'set'///
I find the complete opposite.
The women who were on last night looked liked they hadn't even run a comb through their hair and don't get me started on teeth, or lack of them.
I agree Lankeela - feigned surprise as you say cameras are all set up inside.
I blame the Daz doorstep challenge.
Don't forget the Postcode Lottery.
Just turn up on your doorstep knocking on the door, ringing the bell, to tell you you've won £30.000.
Oooo it's a good job they were in!
Lol barsel!!
They are telling a story and the reaction shot makes it more entertaining. The shot of the presenters from inside the house is to move the plot along.
It panders to the lower denominator. But yes they do think we are intellectually challenged, and by example, they are generally correct.
I feel so with all those constant reminders on some programmes where they repeat 5 minutes of a story after the ad break or each time they return on one of those prog's where there featuring two stories/ house builds etc as if we have goldfish memory's. Some clip's get shown 4 times.
Not content with the cheering soundtrack that replaces the booing when footballers take the knee pre match. This season the aBBC has hired a coach-load of thesps to stand within the very narrow camera angle furiously clapping and shaking their rattles for BLM.
That's why they can only show one knee-take per programme instead of every game.
Watch next weekend and see if I'm right. Real supporters don't fling their scarves around their necks with the gay abandon of Brideshead Revisited extras.
I whole-heartedly agree with david small's view.
Nobody is forced to watch these programs, but , if the shoe fits...
That's ITV for you.
Why do people get so emotional when they find out they have a half brother or sister they haven't known about for 50 years? I would find it fascinating but not in the least bit emotional or feel any connection after all that time.
Why do they get emotional when they discover a long-dead ancestor they knew nothing about spent some time in prison or the workhouse?

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