New Presenters For The Rest Of The Olympics.

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10ClarionSt | 20:31 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | Media & TV
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The following people should be presenting the Olympics, then let's see if Lord Digby agrees; John Bishop; Keith Lemon; Noel Gallagher; Shaun Ryder; Chris Waddle; Danny Dyer and if he was still around, Jimmy McJimmy. They all speak propor like as 'ow as wot we duz, don't dee?


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there's only a day left
Chris Twaddle is famous for what den?
So you are going to ask Digby Lord Jones then?
Chris Waddle is an English footballer, manager and commentator. Twaddle is your contribution.
Digby is a naff name.
don't you be telling that to Dan Dare, wolf.
Was he really Digby Dare?

There was a cartoon dog called Digby.
Wolf, Digby was the name of Dan Dare's assistant. Basically, Watson to Dare's Holmes.
I have heard of Dan Dare but that was the sum total of my knowledge.

Thanks Mozz.
Tony, don't tell me you are a Dan Dare fan too!

Thanks for pic.
Many many years ago, Susan.
he wasn't a cartoon dog, he was a real dog turned into a giant by trick photography.
jno - that is my sort of film. ☺
Albert Fitzwilliam Digby was Dan Dare's sidekick - that's in "Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Future" from the Eagle comic in the Fifties.

I remember it well.
don't hold your breath that shaun ryder will be presenting dressage events any time soon
Question Author
I think some people need to lighten up! Thanks for the replies folks! :o)

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New Presenters For The Rest Of The Olympics.

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