Getting On My Wick.

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Sqad | 10:05 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | Media & TV
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I rather liked her as a reporter but since Strictly Come Dancing she is basking in her elevation of leads in GMB.

When she gets going ,rabbiting on in that high pitched Lancashire accent about b..gger all and following it with that barmaid laughter........she is getting on my wick.


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She’s getting a bit of a pasting here today :0)
Don't watch her then. And, though i say it myself, even at high pitch, the Lancashire accent is the best in the country :-)
Have to say I agree with Sqad x
Well, I think she's great (in small doses).
Sorry, I'll retract that. She's not who I thought she was,
Ken //the Lancashire accent is the best in the country :-)//
No it aint.
Do people watch things that they really don't like - just to come on here to moan about them?
I have no difficulty in avoiding potentially annoying stuff.
Danny, yes it is. End of :-J
I have no idea who this person is and have no wish to find out.
Storm, tea cup, go figure.

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Getting On My Wick.

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