Fergie In The One Show

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smurfchops | 19:05 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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What has she done with her face? It looks like a mask ….


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She looks terrible!! Like a deer caught in headlights.
One can only hope.
It's called getting older
-- answer removed --
"Botox, two various forms of non-surgical facelifts and fillers" might be relevant here.

From 2019:
She could have developed an allergy to athletes foot remedies.
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Chris, didn’t realise she had admitted to it. Note they haven’t asked her any questions about the son in law sunning himself on the yacht. Awks.
sounds as though she has had a face lift and some plastic put in ( a la Cher)

She looks alright.
Just had a look, and she has got tight and puckered skin around her eyes and mouth - they almost look like burns scars.

I can't believe no-one from the make-up department couldn't have done something to make her look better under the lights and in the glare of the camera.
/// It looks like a mask …///

Oh no! Not another thread about masks.
dont give toss what she looks like, i like her,

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Fergie In The One Show

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