Does The Chaser Get Easier Questions?

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smurfchops | 17:56 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | Media & TV
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What is half of 20?


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I would answer your question, Smurfchops, but I'm currently too busy looking for my calculator to work out what a half of 20 is - I can't do these hard sums ;-)
Imperial or Metric?
There are easy qns in both sets.
Got it!

I remembered that a half = 0.5 (see how bright I am) and, as we're dividing 20 up into halves, I entered 20 divided by 0.5. So that must be it: A half of 20 is 40! Easy peasy when you know how!

I don't think their questions are easier, but their long experience of quizzing and Chasing means that their knowledge is going to be superior to the average player, and their ability for fast recall of asnwers is going to be much much stronger.

That gives the appearence of 'easier questions' - but the fact is, they simply know far more about everything than the rest of us.
They also have the advantage of not having to buzz in and wait for their name to be called before answering giving them vital secondson each question.
As Chris Tarrant once said, ''They're only easy if you know the answers.''
Twe... ?
How can the chaser get easier questions ?

Think about it .
There are two set of questions .
The team get to chose set A or B , but they don't know what the questions are in either of the two sets .

So it's pot luck if set A questions are 'easier ' or vice versa
It does seem to be a finely tuned game with fairness, what's to gain making it unfair, like tipping point, it goes down so often to the very last counter, the designers really have done their homework.
I did think tonight there were some very easy questions throughout the whole show. There was also a couple with only one 'sensible' answer and two nonsense ones - maybe throw in one joke answer but two is ridiculous.
This website gives all sorts of stats about the programme, series by series.

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Does The Chaser Get Easier Questions?

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