Brave Or What?

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davebro | 23:56 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Media & TV
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Watching Neil Sedaka at the Albert Hall.

A man & his piano in front of thousands - some guts!


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I know of some pubs on the Dock Road where the man on his Joanna had to be very very very brave.
have you a davebro
sorry Davebroo - have you a link please. I love neil sedaka
I love this song, there are bits of it that give me goosebumps.

Why brave? It's his job.

Soldiers, police, firemen/women...they're brave
Indeed Ummmm.
Not brave - everyone there has paid a lot of money because they love him and they are in a great mood, prepared to enjoy themselves. They are not going to give him a hard time.
He is just doing something he has done many, many times before.
brave if he was a list minute replacement for a Stones concert . . .

I agree with ummmm.
Doing what he's done for many years for lots of money.
Soldiers, firemen, lifeboatmen etc are brave.
Question Author
I'll get me coat.
I saw him live at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago. I don't know if that's the show you were watching. Absolutely stupendous! A man of genuine talent. He is a STAR in the real sense of the word! Just fabulous.
Is he still going? Does he still have that voice?
Loved that wolf @02.10. Thanks.
bednobs, yes. He is brilliant!
great showman
did a fantastic master-class which included 'writing ( a likely ) no 1 hit'

classically trained - when the first cheque came in from O Carol ( either 2500 or 25000 bucks he showed his yiddishe momma who said

OK perhaps boogy-woogy but only on satuday mornings....

his mum was protrayed as Beatie ...
ignore them Dave bro
just like you ignore me
and never never lose your ability to irritate and excoriate ( pick )
I think it is great that he still performs in relatively small venues that don't cost the earth to attend.
i saw him about 30 years ago in a local guildhall venue
I saw Neil Sedaka in Cardiff quite a few years ago. I really like him, he is excellent. I noticed that most of the audience knew every word of every song, and were singing along with him Lovely

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