Bailiffs - Another New Tv Series

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barry1010 | 10:59 Mon 19th Jul 2021 | Media & TV
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A new tv series about bailiffs is starting tonight, that is the third different series about bailiffs to my knowledge.
What is the fascination with bailiffs? I watched a few episodes of Can't Pay and was delighted to read that C5 was successfully sued by a couple for invasion of privacy.

Not my idea of entertainment


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Very sad really.
Not something I'd want to watch.
Question Author
I don't get to choose what is on the tv until the family is in bed so do get to see a lot of programmes I wouldn't ordinarily bother with. I so some dreadful scenes on Can't Pay :(
A reality TV person fell victim to C5 not long ago. They had to remove an episode of a documentary about her plastic surgery called 'Celebrities: What Happened To Your Face'.
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Sounds like another cruel programme, tigger
Regardless of what general Joe thinks, programme makers must have a duty of care and an unbiased view of the subjects they cover.
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I really don't see the fascination of watching people work. I found the first episode of Ice Road Truckers interesting because I knew nothing about. I didn't feel the need to watch all 11 series (100+ episodes).

Same with the people who work down sewers; ambulance drivers; deep sea fisherman; Dog the Bounty Hunter; airport workers; traffic cops; cleaners (really?)...

I can't bring myself to watch even 5 minutes of that pimple popper woman - is that really considered entertainment?

I'm not demanding these shows be removed from the schedules - lots of people must be enjoying them, I just don't understand the attraction.
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Agreed, tigger - and they obviously failed in Can't Pay
I've never watched any of those, Barry. I used to watch the cleaning shows where people who lived in filth had their houses transformed by obsessive cleaners. It was great to see the face of the house owner light up with their new and clean surroundings :o)
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Can't help but wonder if they kept up the new standards, tigger.
I agree Barry, one or two visits to view the sort of work/tasks involved in other occupations can be fascinating but to carry on ad infinitum can become tedious in the extreme. But I guess viewing figures support it.
Who knows. I'd like to think that they did but hoarding and messiness are personality traits just the same as OCD cleaners are. One woman says she uses around 3 or 4 bottles of bleach a day!
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Cheap to make, too, Canary
I think it's probably a mixture of seeing people get their just desserts and a certain schadenfreude that there are people worse off than you
Poverty porn, or just deserts? Either way, an unpleasant way to spend an evening.
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Bednobs, in some of the episodes of Can't Pay that I saw the bailiffs were there to evict tenants not because they hadn't paid their rent or behaved badly but because the landlord wanted to sell without tenants or wanted the properties for family members.
The councils told these tenants not to leave of their own accord but to wait until they were evicted by the bailiffs.
Ok but some people might still get a certain pleasure from thinking "well if you bought you house (like smug me) you wouldn't have this problem"
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Horrible feeling you are right. Of course mortgagees get evicted too
barry1010 @ 15:31

Do you mean mortgager? A mortgagee is the organisation which lends the money; a mortgager is the person who takes out the loan to buy a property.
Question Author
I do mean mortgagor, thank you.
I hate these sort of shows - it shows people in their most vulnerable.

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Bailiffs - Another New Tv Series

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