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bobbie22 | 21:57 Fri 16th Jul 2021 | Media & TV
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Hi. Does anyone watch Eastenders? If anyone saw it tonight, could someone please tell me what Gray was doing on his computer with regards to his boss? As I am really useless with regard to computers, I haven’t a clue. Thanks


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//Enabling a VPN service to hide his location, the sick murderer logs in to Twitter on an anonymous account, where he leaves a disturbing message under Laura’s latest social media post.

‘People like you always get what’s coming,’ he writes.//
VPN=virtual private network
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Oh thanks. So pleased you could tell me. Anyway, waiting for him to get what’s coming. Lol
I had forgotten that he has murdered 3 people already!
I hate it when the plot depends on the brief sighting of a text message. I usually have to freeze the screen and move closer to the telly to read it. Still, at least it gives me some extra exercise.
I know Gray murdered Chantal and Tina, who was the third elliemay ? I can't remember
Kush, he pushed him under a train
Kush Kazemi
oh yes ofcourse , Kush. Poor Kush.
Time Gary was found out in Corrie, that has been going on for ages

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East Enders This Evening

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