Been Watching Clarksons Farm

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NeedToKnowPlease | 16:00 Fri 02nd Jul 2021 | Media & TV
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I used to not like the man but I think his character is fantastic and I'm really growing towards him. I know I am late to the series but I only just found out about it. I do hope there will be more seasons to come and I hope his farm goes well.

The lambing chapter got me really anxious but my gosh talk about good TV!


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This is on my "to watch sometime" list.
We've just started watching it too. Really enjoying it, very funny in parts. Kaleb Cooper , at 21, knows more about farming than JC will ever learn and has become the star of the show. Beware some bad language.
Entertaining, educational and interesting. What good television programs should be.
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Lie-in King, I highly recommend it. It's a fantastic watch! If you don't like Clarkson I believe his farmer antics might change your mind! If you do like Clarkson then boy this is the show for you.

MargoTester I understand what you're saying. Kaleb is great. However Jeremys learning process is fantastic to watch and I find myself relating to him with some of his thoughts regarding certain things.

I wish there was more. I wish there was so much more.
Needtoknow- I've really warmed to him over this series. He's had the worst possible weather to put up with but carried on with (mostly) good humour. Great television.
NTKP, like you i did not like him on Top Gear but he has really knuckled down to work on his farm and has new respect from me.
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We have to remember that he is a TV personality. Most of what we see from him is an act or just part of his character. When Clarkson is on the farm we see a much more realistic side to him.

It's nice to know that others feel how I do regarding the show. Hopefully it will encourage others to watch it but it is unfortunate that it is on Amazon Prime which is something people will need a subscription for.
and whiskeyron,both probably dead or incapacitated.
It happens to the elderly you ow.
Sorry wrong thread,
^ Q.E.D., Sqad ;)
To be fair to Clarkson, I have been watching some of the original WWTBAM shows with Tarrant and I find it preferable to watch Clarkson. Tarrant was over familiar with the female contestants and looked as though he was going to give them a full on snog when he "congratulated" them. I found it quite uncomfortable to watch him tbh. I may well watch Clarkson's Farm now.
There is an older thread on thos subject (not moaning) and the comments are pretty good as well, i loved it, looking forward to the next one.
I have only watched the first episode, 'Tractoring', and to be honest was quite disappointed. In what are obviously not spontaneous exchanges, Clarkson basically seems to be out to prove he is a total moron. Is it worth carrying on watching more episodes, or all they all in the same vein as the first?
Keep watching, its really good
I wish this was on a different channel. I'd like to see it.
I haven't watched it - but am so in lust with Clarkson :). (sad but true)

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Been Watching Clarksons Farm

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