Ginger Actor Shortage......

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mushroom25 | 17:52 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | Media & TV
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Netflix are having difficulty in casting a Prince Harry for a continuation of "The Crown" -

although, I don't see why that should necessarily be a problem. after all, an actor is an actor is an actor, playing a role. so why not take the identity conscious casting route taken by the producers of the recent Anne Boleyn series?


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true. its not beyond the wit of man to make someone's hair ginger either. they also cast oc as the queen and she has brown eyes
Have they never heard of dye/wigs/hairpieces?
It's a puff piece to advertise the series.

It creates interest - as this OP proves - but it's still nonsense.
I'll volunteer if ummmm doesn't want the part.....
The actor will be between the ages of 6-13 years, you may struggle there.
Lol, both of us will - even allowing for ummmm not being more than 21 years old.
Yes :-)
I'm not ginger or male either :-)
Why not get a Black Actor to play the part?
have they no henna dye?
I'll volunteer if ummmm doesn't want the part.....
so would I - I can do mad....

I can do wig and shake my pretty curls without the wig falling off
have I got the job?
You'd have to ask the producers that question.
// I'm not ginger or male either :-)//
sounds as tho you would do

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Ginger Actor Shortage......

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