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andy-hughes | 16:57 Sun 06th Jun 2021 | Media & TV
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I am just watching him in Homeland, where he makes a very convincing American.

Do ladies consider him attractive?

I know that's an individual thing, but is he considered as a heart-throb?


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He's got something, but I'm not sure what !
He's wonderful in Homeland, if you're just starting to watch it I'm envious! I thought he made a wonderful American too, just like Hugh Laurie did in House.
Now, I found Hugh Laurie attractive ...
Heart throb, no, attractive, yes.

But I don't find Brad Pitt or George Clooney attractive.
I’m no fan of red heads ( sorry ummm) . But he has ‘ something’ .
He’s excellent in Billions too.
That's fine, Anne, we all like something different.

I find people attractive, I'm big into kindness and personality. I'm not much of a fan of blonde people even though my kids are blonde :-D
Not drop dead gorgeous like George Clooney, but he dies svd something about him.

Shirley, I could have fancied Hugh Laurie in ‘House’.
Maybe the part had something to do with it.
I definitely fell for him in Homeland, yet seeing him as himself in programmes like HIGNFY, not so much.
Dark hair and peppered with grey, George Clooney for me but then I just love Sydney Pottier,I think he oozed masculinity
He certainly has that certain something although he's not classically good looking in my opinion. He's very attractive in Billions (that's the power thing I think) and I think he got it on with Claire Danes in a country shack at some point in Homeland and it was one of the sexiest scenes I've seen on TV.
Ooh yes, I would ;)
naomi - I thought Hugh Laurie was sexy in House. I never fancied him until that role ! I always wondered if his wife asked him to play the role at (ahem) bed time ......
I think Damian Lewis is quite attractive but I've never been able to see what other people find attractive in George Clooney. He doesn't do anything for me.
as other people said, its the role. I never found him attractive till homeland, and haven't since!
I didn't get it when I watched Homeland and still don't. I find him a complete turn off!
Yes. I met him once.
Ironic that if the genders were reversed and male Abers started lusting over a woman star then the feminists would come rushing out of the woodwork and accuse them of objectivising women and demeaning them as sex objects. Pot/kettle springs to mind.
I was just about to post pretty much the same thing, Canary.

Stand aside now as a deluge of 'it's just a bit of fun' comes down about us.

It's different for girls. :-)
Don't forget - the poor man lost his wife recently.

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