What Would Happen If The Killer From The Movie Atm 2012 Really Existed?

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Lombax | 19:41 Wed 26th May 2021 | Media & TV
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For the people who dont know about the movie. 3 people are being trapped inside an ATM by a strange person in a black parka coat. This person kills people without a reason and he somehow does everything 100% accurately, making it quite impossible for the police to trace and find him. Avoiding the camera's completely, having his own office where he plans out attacks (etc).


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Columbo would catch him!
So would Vera.
There you go then. End of story. Nowt would happen.
trapped in an ATM? Are they very small people?
"Just one more thing"
Yes, Webbo?
A murderous assailant traps three people (Alice Eve, Josh Peck, Brian Geraghty) in a small kiosk containing an automatic teller machine.

Dunno what would happen in real life - may not be so easy to avoid all the CCTV.

Scored 12% on Rotten Tomatoes so I won't be seeing it.
People would avoid getting trapped in ATMs because they're now wise to his wily ways.
Is this an actual film?

Try watching La Cabina.
Nightmare Tiggs.
"trapped in an ATM? Are they very small people?"

The Borrowers?
No need fir atms soon - all gonna be chip n pin. The murderer wld be redundant
no, the Getting Their Own Money Backers, douglas

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What Would Happen If The Killer From The Movie Atm 2012 Really Existed?

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