Eurovsion 2021

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DTCwordfan | 20:03 Fri 21st May 2021 | Media & TV
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Iceland are a favourite to win - up against the UK...they have never supported the UK, all a bit fishy.

Their cousins, the Danish, think they can bring home the bacon.

Israel - no bacon and their contribution probably Gaza's 'Sounds that Cannot be Made' will be bombed by the others - but then so too will be the Turkish, Lebanese and Cypriot songs, 'El Diablo' by the stunning Eleni Foureira Fuego who is actually originated from the Tierra del - Argentina. Controversial as it involved a 'Hand of God' in selection, i.e. €500 paid to Nicosia.

The Germans - the "Ode an die Freude" is thought to be stale and Beethoven has been commissioned to jazz it up - meanwhile Macron is looking at 'La Victoire est à Nous' - all a bit Napoleonic and likely to sink somewhere around Trafalgar, though it is about him on a horse...

The Swedes are regurgitating Abba - but Waterloo for the 46th year in a row will follow the French into the deep oblivion of the Atlantic.


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You're actually making jokes about the Middle East conflict?
Iceland have been out all day
Question Author
Yep, why not? How can one see Israel, Azerbaijan, Australia et al as Europe? signed - one Major Sceptic.
Zimbabwe late entry like OZ are beating the drums to victory,
and by a popular vote, the people of Israel have rejected a Pinky and Perky classic
// Yep, why not? How can one see Israel, Azerbaijan, Australia et al as Europe? signed - one Major Sceptic. //

Are you deliberately misunderstanding? The issue is making jokes about Israel, Gaza and bombing.
Question Author
Gaza is a group - lighten up..... Jeez as Moses would have said. I'll admit that I am taking the pish out of the Israelis more.....
Don't give a monkey who wins. Haven't watched this for years - they need to change the name as there's nothing European about it. And...... on another note, Casualty is cancelled once more!! Signed Grumpy Bee
^ Agree with the above, apart from Casualty, never watch it.

It isn't called the European Song Contest, why should they change the name?
I meant about not giving a monkey who wins and haven't watched it for years !
I managed one song …. What a load of codswallop.

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Eurovsion 2021

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