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Smowball | 22:33 Mon 17th May 2021 | Media & TV
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Tonight’s episode was probably one of the most shocking and gory I’ve ever seen in any crime drama. Where they kidnap the woman and cut her tongue out while she was still alive, then gave it to her husband to make sure he gave them what they wanted...... and it got worse :(
Anybody see it?


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Yes, I’ve just finished it. It was good, wasn’t it. I must have seen it when it first came out but don’t remember it at all.
Thankfully No! I just couldn't watch something like that
No not yet but I don't need to now!
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I didn’t expect it to be that shocking!
lankeela - there was the whole of the rest of the episode which I’ve not mentioned. Loads of twists and turns.
hate this kind of stuff - thanks for warning me off.
Ugghhh no, I don't like blood and gore, sounds awful.
Spooks used to be quite horrible - they shoved someone's head in a deep fat fryer in a chip shop once!
I remember that. I kept thinking 'they won't do it', 'they won't do it' and then they did ! Awful.
Is this a repeat? What channel is it on?
it must be a repeat because i have seen that one and not last night
Drama channel i believe.
I thought i t was series one - hem hem
but luckily so bloody that you could think it was pretend ( which er of course it was)

the tongue fr'instance loooked like an abattoir tongue

lot of dead bodies tho
bednobs//Spooks used to be quite horrible - they shoved someone's head in a deep fat fryer in a chip shop once!//

Urgh, did they batter him first?
lol. it was a woman(i think)

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