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Theblip | 21:39 Tue 11th May 2021 | Media & TV
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When I were a lad (only ever a lad), I recall only hearing / reading of one transgender case on the planet. Now there appears to be loads of them. Does that mean there are always were lots of people so inclined, but we just didn’t hear about them then? Or has the attention they’ve received in recent times, as part of diversity drives and political correctness, put the idea into the heads of the young, confused and attention-seeking? Can’t help thinking it could, and should, be avoided cos life is complicated enough as it is. But I know this won’t be universally popular, so I’m strapping on the armour.


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stand well back!
I love a bit of chain mail, quite sexy.
// Does that mean there are always were lots of people so inclined, but we just didn’t hear about them then? //

Pretty much.
When I was young there was no trans, no autism, no lots of stuff, because they hadn't been identified and talked about. If you were a bit odd, you were a bit odd, and everyone put up with it. Those who were a bit odd might have felt fairly comfortable not having attention drawn to themselves, but I suspect many would have suffered and relied on religion or suicide to enable them to cope. Nowadays they realise that there are many people in the same boat and I imagine that can be a comfort to them.
It's sad that there are many 'normal' people who feel so uncomfortable about any kind of difference (gender, sexual preference, skin colour, funny foreign accent ....) that they actually condemn or insult people about this.
There has always been people so inclined. Some went through medical torture not to be so inclined, but it was futile. Thankfully we live in more enlightened times with the surgical skills to make life bearable for them
Mamy... 21:45.
Are you alright? I didn't get your shaft of wit. :-)
Read the last line of the OP.
Excellent post theatheist.
Manyalynnes referring the blips armour comment
Your excellent post was at 21:50
Sorry, chuck, I missed that! :-)
how can anybody avoid being who they are?
We had Skippin' Lizzie, Maggie Muscle, Billy (redacted), Father this, Brother that, Laffin' Lil. They were fascinating characters and to my young mind they were all accepted as part of the amazing world of grown-ups. I'm sure that in truth they would have had problems with the usual types, but there was no social media to whip up hatred towards them; the internet has resulted in a lot of ganging-up and mutual admiration and prejudice reinforcement.
// When I were a lad (only ever a lad),//
but you always had a girlie side
anyway that was probably April Ashley - who starred in Corbett v Corbett wanting her BC changed.

the prob in the seventies was getting a surgeon ( think sqad) to 'do it'. - and there were many - - blind alleys ( bits stuck on would drop off to everyone's distress )

and yes they are winding back the kiddie sector as it seems up to 50% regret it but by then it is too laaaaaaaaaaaate!
oh we had whistling johnnie and peter smith
but THEY were widely thought to be child molesters

[watch out kiddies, iy is YOUR fault if you are caught ( by them ) ]
oh those were the days
no sorry there was autism ( kanners syndrome, dementia praecox, from around 1935 )

god I am such a party pooper
/// put the idea into the heads of the young, confused and attention-seeking? ///

I do agree that there is some of this involved, but we shouldn't let it blind us to recognising and meeting the real need that does exist.
Just a load of people who were in the closet. Now they don't feel they have to be.
I dont want to sound trendy or hip
but I think transgendy is separate from TV ( tansvestite)

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