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Apc2604 | 13:06 Sun 09th May 2021 | Media & TV
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I am totally hooked!! And now dreaming about it. Binge watching most nights. 15 episodes so far and only 47 more to go. Made the mistake of watching the film that followed before I realised it was the grand finale!! But I'll watch it again. And I thought it wasn't going to be my sort of thing!!!!!


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It's brilliant isn't it. My daughter told me about it last year and filled hours of time in the lockdown. There is talk of a follow up series. I do hope so.
We just finished all seasons last night, thoroughly enjoyed it, we started the first episode and said that we'd see what we thought but became hooked. Not the sort of thing I would normally watch.

after that, watch "Better Call Saul", that's brilliant too.
We were the same, a friend reccomended it ages ago, but it didn't sound like our thing. Started watching it during lockdown, and we were hooked.
I agree with TTT, when you have finished, start watching Better Call Saul, you won't be sorry, it's great.
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Thanks for that tip TTT. Will definitely watch.

Just wish we hadn't watched El Camino before Breaking bad series.

What I like is that it's totally different to anything else I have ever watched. It has everything you need in a drama, including some brilliant humour at times. Hubby is cooking dinner and I'm looking forward to tonight's binge watch.
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Just looking up Better Call Saul!!
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Thanks for your input folk.
I started watching it a couple of years after the first season and was hooked straight away.
We also started to watch this only this year, usually a couple of episodes per weekend, because so many people raved about it. We were utterly hooked from the first episode, don't know why really as I don't actually like any of the characters but it's a brilliant series.
BB has intended structure and beas analysis
Use of colour fr'instance - the clothes get darker as his personality er 'matures'

Vince ( Gilligan) made it in his fifties ( big ) and his comment was that it was useful to have a long period when one doesnt make it so you know what it is like
oh ( not really a spoiler ) the floater in the pool has meaning
Better call saul
is great - it is meant to explain why Saul has turned out the way he did.

it doesnt - but still very good. I suppose I always hope for redemption
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PP. We knew the floater had a meaning and found it out last night!
I loved it all - and that includes Better Call Saul and El Camino. In fact I loved it all so much I almost wish I hadn’t watched any of it and could enjoy the experience of watching for the first time all over again. Absolutely brilliant. S’all good man!!!
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I would go as far as to say it's the best drama I have ever watched and so very different! Absolutely brilliant! Just wish we hadn't watched El Camino first. But at least El Camino makes more sense now. I know just how you feel Naomi!
It's the best drama I've ever watched too, APC. Absolutely superb! Don't worry about having watched El Camino first. I won't spoil the rest for you. Go for it, girl! :o)
We are watching this too , couple of episodes every night, now in to series 2, I put off watching this because somebody told me it was about drugs, but very funny and sad in places, a great series
It's one of those series that makes one feel guilty for rooting for the bad guys :-/

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