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tamborine | 23:58 Sat 08th May 2021 | Media & TV
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Sacreligious or what ?


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Are you offended by him cutting off George Clooney?
Sacreligious or what ?

LOL, is that c'us of George ?
Ave Maria is not the sort of music one associates with a slice of toast.
To right, jackdaw.
I'd expect something like this.
That was Paul Young!
Question Author
Its a christian prayer & deserves respect as expected of any faith
Sacrilegious? Hardly!
My response . . .

Dave Allen an absolute comic genius!!
Question Author
This is a perfect rendition & stirs the soul, of those who have one!

not sacreligious but what is Clooney doing in a bread ad....i know he's done coffee ones but come on.
Not unless you see the face of Jesus on the toast.
Question Author
Clooney is currying favour lost from his recent past connection.
i have no idea what that means Tambo.
I thought Warburtons was De Niro's gig. Is George moonlighting from Nespresso? ;o)

I have heard that Toast song recently but can't place it. Never knew it was Paul Young singing, ha!
peter kays advert were hilarious
I'm a Christian and not offended.
Not sure about sacrilege but its unnecessary with all the music out there to choose from - still, they won't have to pay Gounod royalties!
song in tonyav link

'' 3 months old and sitting in my high chair "

Lol , he was a slow developer

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