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smurfchops | 19:19 Sat 08th May 2021 | Media & TV
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Just put this on while adverts were on. What a terrible programme. Marvin and Rochelle Humes look so uncomfortable, twisting their fingers and clenching their hands together like Claudia and Tess on Strictly. No charisma at all. But do you think differently??


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I've watched all series from the start, I quite enjoy it.
I enjoy it, but don't think they are good presenters. Best teams are are often parent and offspring, unsurprisingly.
I agree with that, a broader knowledge base.
I like it and I like Marvin and Rochelle. I don't think they look uncomfortable at all.
Never seen it before but am watching it now.

Feeling my age because I know none of the modern songs and all the oldies!

I thought contestant Pria was gorgeous!!
I quite enjoy it but am not quick enough with the answers I do know. I don't mind the presenters either.
One of my favorite programs. Am quite good and know most songs but am too slow and often get artist but wrong song
I think it's quite good. Don't mind the presenters, just an enjoyable show.
i don't like it at all, saturday night is pants for mainstream tv.

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