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eve1974 | 18:40 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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Hi anyone know from what time Viewpoint will be shown on ITV hub? I know ITV has cancelled it on its main channel after the allegations against noel Clarke....but I simply must see the finale !


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What a pathetically mealy-mouthed response from ITV. Aside from the fact that the actor has not been convicted of anything at the time of writing, to take such a prissy parsh council moral decision to deny viewers their chance to watch the end of a drama, it does him no harm whatsoever, it simply punished innocent viewers who are denied the option to act like...
16:29 Sat 01st May 2021
I doubt it sill be Eve
Their statement simply says 'Tonight for a short time'
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ah news said itd be on itv hub for a limited time ....which does seem a bit daft - I mean if they gonna cancel it off the main channel not much "punishment" still showing it on the hub? I for one thought it was a fab series - I really need to see the finale. As for the allegations....well even if they are true its punishing the public AND the rest of the cast to not show the finale
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yeah mamy that's what I saw - but no idea of the time itself it seems
Check at the time it would normally have aired.
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innocent until proven guilty etc but... if its 20 diff women it would seem a bit too much of a coincidence
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yeah I will ty mamy
I'm afraid they have buckled by giving in to public pressure demanding they didn't air it on the main channel, cowardly I feel.

At least this gives those of us who want to watch it and are not prematurely judgemental the chance.
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It is indeed giving in to public pressure.
Not very good anyway,imo.too slow.
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Yeah loads of people thought the same Everhelpful - for me tho I feel it is suspenseful rather than slow
It’s a shame for those who’ve been watching it but don’t have catchup tv(the hub) and won’t be able to see the ending.
I agree with mamy, cowardly, and the wrong decision.
"if its 20 diff women it would seem a bit too much of a coincidence"

I believe a similar train of thought led to the Alex Salmond court case.
And all those who accused Jimmy Savile eh? Cuh.

Still, innocent until proven guilty.
the problem is that it failed to lead to the Jimmy Savile court case.
Are you presuming he would have been found guilty then jno?
I presume nothing - but I strongly suspect so.
Me too jno. But as you know I was just trying to illustrate to those who call 'innocent until proven guilty' that yes, in the eyes of the law that is the case.

But let's say a teacher was accused of touching children for instance. They are also innocent until proven guilty but would we allow them in a classroom again until their name was cleared? Why would we not?

quite so, a good analogy.

As I said on another thread, he's not being "punished" by having an episode delayed - he'll be really punished if tried and found guilty. And networks can show programmes when they like, assuming they've paid for the right to do so.

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