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Barsel | 12:42 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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My brother emailed me to say he had found Spotlight TV on Freesat and perhaps I could see if I can find it on Freeview (which is what I have)
I cannot find it though , and wonder if you have to have a contract with Sky or Virgin etc as I don't have a contract with anyone.
Can someone help me with this please?


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It’s on Freesat and Sky Barsel, , not sure about Freeview though
The only "spotlight" tv I know of is down here in the's BBC local programs. Is that what you had in mind?
I think it’s Keep it Country Barsel means , it’s mostly country music but there’s some 50/60s music in there too
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Well I know my brother likes country music and I like 50's and 60's music, so perhaps that the one.
I'll see if I can find out which channel that's on. Thanks all.
It’s channel 365 on Sky TV. I don’t think it’s currently available on Freeview except in Manchester, where it’s channel 87 apparently according to Google.
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Margaret, I don't have Sky, but I do live in Manchester although Channel 87 is PBS America + 1. Perhaps I need to retune.
Spotlight TV broadcasts on Freeview’s VisionTV service (channel 264) which is available on internet-connected televisions
Pauln90 has largely answered your question but it's important to note that certain channels aren't available to all Freeview viewers.

Firstly, some stations are transmitted using HD 'multiplexes' (which are 'bundles' of channels), even though the might not actually be broadcasting in HD. Such channels can only be received by Freeview sets that have actually got an HD tuner inside them, not just a standard definition tuner. (So the set needs to be a 'Freeview HD' one, not just a 'Freeview' one or an 'HD-ready Freeview' set).

Further, some specialist channels now need an internet connection to the TV as well which, in turn, means that only some (generally more recent) models of TV have the relevant technology inside them.

VisionTV (through which SpotlightTV can be received by some viewers) needs a Freeview HD set , not just an ordinary 'SD' Freeview one. Further, it needs to be one of the models in the list that can be accessed by clicking on the Freeview logo here:

With loads of vastly different organisations (from mobile phone companies through to the emergency services and shipping) all wanting a share of the radio frequency spectrum, Freeview TV only has a very small number of frequencies allocated to it, meaning that only a limited number of channels can be accommodated. (That's why, for example, viewers in Scotland could no longer receive BBC 4 once BBC Scotland was launched. There's simply not enough room in the frequency spectrum for both channels to operate together). VisionTV tries to get around that problem by only using one Freeview channel itself but then feeding content from lots of other broadcasters onto viewers' screens via the internet.
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Chris, I don't know if you will come back to this, but I have retuned my TV and still can't get Spotlight TV. I can get Vision TV, but nothing happens on it. I think it must be my TV. It's a Toshiba 32L3853DB and it doesn't seem to be listed on the link you put on.

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