Corrie - Treats Us As Stupid?

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lynbrown | 08:57 Tue 20th Apr 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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Would Toyah the therapist hold a meeting with Tyrone and Fiz in a public restaurant, clearly in the close vicinity of Bernie? How insulting to us.


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hello? fiction!
They like to put a comedic slant to storylines now and again.
Oh the irony!
Toyah didn't write the script. I think she would have preferred to hold the meeting at the knicker factory.
In real life, would Tyrone and Fiz want their neighbour, Toyah, as a therapist. I'm sure they would prefer to go to someone who doesn't know them
In real life a Therapist would refuse to treat anyone they knew due to their code of Ethics. These soaps play to the lowest common denominator, total rubbish on every level but some people seem to be hooked on them.
Nearly as believable as world worst copper, Craig, getting an attachment to the CID. Ha Ha
LOL ^^^^
Not just the soaps, though, is it? I stopped watching Silent Witness when the pathologists began accompanying the police in their door to door enquiries on the pretext of taking DNA swabs :-(
And so quickly too, he's only been a copper for a very short while !

And also, Kathy making a big fuss of going away to escape all the trolls and just ending up at Yasmeen's Lol.

Still hooked though !!!

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Corrie - Treats Us As Stupid?

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