Matthew Wrights Ponytail.

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Caribeing | 13:09 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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Matthew Wrights silly little ponytail reminds me of Rodney (Only Fools and Horses) when he was trying to impress Cassandra with his trendy hair piece.


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Gosh, that looks ridiculous.
They were fashionable at one time. I just thought they looked silly.
He's ridiculous without trying... although, maybe, he hasn't been able to book a haircut yet.
Hardly a pony tail i your link, Mamya. More a rat's tail :-)
Maybe it's grown in 2 months and is now more befitting of the name.
It's not a good look on a mature man is it.
He isn't mature lol. I had the benefit of about 8 weeks on Twitter and many conversations with him. I believe, he is literally insane.
what a plonker!
Matthew Wright with a ponytail? Stoppitt!!
In the words of Rodney Trotter himself "What a wally!"
Be grand if cutting off the poor excuse for a ponytail raises money for a Charity.

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Matthew Wrights Ponytail.

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