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grumpy01 | 13:05 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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Just watched Bargain Hunt.After those ridiculous bonus buys both Charles Hanson and David Harper should be sacked.C H bought what he thought was a silver Georgian Bon Bon basket and paid £150 for it the auctioneer thought the marks weren’t genuine and as such it sold for £30.DH bought and an 11 foot piece of carved wood probably done in a shed,he paid £90 for it and it sold for £20.A complete waste of licence payers money.


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I haven't watch this programme for a very long time. I used to quite like it, but was always amazed at the rubbish the so called experts used to buy which sold for buttons almost every single time ! I used to think "and they are the 'experts'" - hasn't changed much I see.
hmm I am surprised they went on with the false marks
I thought there was a law against it
even if you sold as white metal

and yeah I think it ie good that the experts are caught out with dogs. I met that Batty at a bus stop once. and I said " pourquoi pas de roller?"
and bat-baby said: there is no money in this you knoq
some of the sales are so crap - - - they 'seed' items to buy.
I have been to a few...

I said to one - reverse knapp- silk then how much?
and he said you are the only one to notice that - I will do it for £25
Oh Grumpy, can't you post something positive for a change?
>>> A complete waste of licence payers money

Surely part of the pleasure of watching such programmes is in wondering whether the 'experts' will get it right or not, isn't it? The programmes would be far less enjoyable if they always made a profit!
Oh Grumpy, can't you post something positive for a change?
hoppy now you know why hes called grumpy.
I once knew a lady who was on this, many years ago. The contestants had their 'stuff' chosen for them and then had to enthuse about them as if they bought them themselves. I never watched it after that.
i prefer Flog it, even if they are old ones.
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Piggy nose see my lost on The Repair shop this p m.I don’t expect them to make a profit each time but don’t expect them to buy rubbish either.

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