Have You Seen The 1968 Film 'Where Eagles Dare'

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ravenhill2 | 13:26 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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it starred the late richard burton and clint eastwood.


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many moons ago, why?
Yes, it's on TV quite often.
Yes, saw it just after it came out.
I would think 90% on here would answer "yes". But if that's the whole of your question it seems rather pointless!
Yes. Watched it on DVD last week and enjoyed it.
"Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy"!
"Broadsword calling Danny Boy."
Just beat me to it, Dave :-)
Why are you asking, Ravenhill? Were you the shifty-eyed German, 3rd from the left? :-))
Over a dozen times, I can quote most of the dialogue.
No !
I "think" (not sure) it may have been a spin off from "The Heroes of Telemark" which was based on a true wartime exploit - Operation Gunnerside.

I always thought it was based on a novel by Alastair McLean but he wrote the screenplay and "novelization" at the same time, having previously written the novels The Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra and When Eight Bells Toll.
ah, those were the days, you only had to push a German car downhill or clip the tail of a German plane and they'd burst into flames.
McLean sounds right - totally far-fetched!
never heard of it. when will it be on
lost count how many times iv seen it, kelleys hero's, tank, bridge to far
great escape, cross of iron,murphys war..lot's of good ones.
Murphy's War - that was a good-un. I think I read that peter O'Toole actually flew the sea plane.
'Where Eagles Dare' was in the Christmas schedules on BBC1 in 1979 and then appeared in their listings on nearly every bank holiday for the next couple of decades or so. I suspect that there are very few people on this website who've not seen it at least once ;-)

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