Bafta Awards, More Diverse Nominees Than Ever.

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dave50 | 13:18 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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As long as they have been nominated because they are the best and not to make up the correct numbers. Same with whoever the winners are. If not then it's very patronising and also unfair.


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If I was from the BAME community and won or was awarded anything at the moment, I would be wondering if I really deserved it.
I enjoyed last night's programme and some films really caught my interest for future viewing.

I wait to see what tonight brings.
Tbh, as long as people seem to "notice" nominees are Bame.... the more it shows it's still necessary.
Pixie, when does it become unnoticeable, will that be when all the nominees are BAME?
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Do you mean that positive descrimination is nessasary pixie? Is that really the way to go about it? Doesn't that stoke up more resentment?
I have never understood the notion of 'positive discrimination' - if you have the word 'discrimination', what can ever be 'positive' about it?
It's a double edge sword isn't it ( I think that's a correct expression )
The more BAME folk who are nominated ,is going to receive cries of it's only to fulfil a quota .

Even if the nomination and any winner is deserved .
the father with hopkins is a great film

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Bafta Awards, More Diverse Nominees Than Ever.

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