Big Brother Star Has Passed Away

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tiggerblue10 | 18:19 Sat 10th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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I remember her yes. “ Who are these people?”. Shame, she had anorexia didn’t she? What a waste.
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Very sad, Smurf. Only 38 :o(
RIP Nikki, a terrible disorder - poor lass.
Such a pretty little thing she was.
Wow, that's a shock. She's been in the news recently as going into hospital to have treatment for her condition and now she's dead ! Poor Nicki.
If Wikipedia is to be believed, no surprise at all.

I should probably add that I've no idea who she was.
I remember her. Not that I watched the series.
Very sad. RIP Nikki
I remember her, and in fact she created the funniest moment I ever saw on BB. This was a special BB where they had previous winners/most popular participants, including Nikki Graeme, the fat annoying Portuguese bloke pretending to be a woman (whose name I can't be arsed to remember), and Brian Dowling who was my favourite contestant.

The Portuguese bloke was ranting, probably due to not having cigarettes, and Nikki asked Brian Dowling if it was due to 'her' being on 'her' period.

With brilliant comic timing, Brian looked at her for probably 5 seconds, and then said, from memory, "probably" and quickly exited - hilarious.
I remember that DD and it made me laugh out loud. Big Brother Gold !
I'm not surprised, she was a troubled little soul. It's such a shame she never conquered her demons.
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Her tantrums in the diary room were legendary.

She definitely was a troubled soul and tried to take her own life on several occasions. She was receiving treatment but sometimes no amount of help can help. I feel so sad for her parents :o(
I remember her too and found her to be funny and very engaging.

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Big Brother Star Has Passed Away

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