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grumpy01 | 16:04 Tue 06th Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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This programme has certainly changed since Ainsley Harriott used to present.Gone are the chefs like Paul Rankin(love his sausages) and Lesley Walters and we now have a different array of foreign chefs and the irritating Rylan Clark-Neal certainly not the enjoyable tea time programme it used to be.


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How lovely to have chefs from around the world to share different recipes etc with us. I am always delighted to see different foods on cooking programmes. Ryan Clark Neal is ok but I don't watch cooking programmes to see the presenter do much more than introduce guests.
oh god, not "foreign"
god save us from pasta, spices, noodles and so on
Stoppit! I almost choked on my chapatti.
Roast meat, overcooked, not rested, brussel sprouts totally cooked to destruction, so too carrots, beans, broccoli and god help the roast (burnt) potatoes - never mind the gooseberry and rhubarb tart made with lard pastry and Bird's custard.

What's wrong with old fashioned English food? The above!! - modern cooking programmes have helped transformed our cuisine and envelop other influences such as your 'foreign chefs'.....and for the better, to the point that we are closing in on where we we used to be one of the leading European cuisines (in Mediaeval times).

By the way, do you consider Anna Haugh to be foreign? She can come and 'cook' for me anytime!
I like Rylan

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Ready Steady Cook

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