The Repair Shop - Coincidence?

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barry1010 | 08:35 Wed 31st Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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If I see anything interesting or unusual on The Repair Shop I google it for more information.
Last night I watched the epidose with the Mobo Walking Snail and found a 'professionally restored to a high standard' one on eBay. The listing ended yesterday. The listing header was exactly as the owner described it on the show.

Am I too cynical and/or suspicious?


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it's perfectly ok for people to sell their stuff if they want to though, isn't it?
^^ even though it's the most important thing to them, and brings back happy childhood memories which they want their own children/grandchildren to use?
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ginge gets it. It would be a bit off to blag a free restoration that could cost thousands just to get on TV and make a profit, don't you think?
It just goes to show that even sentimental value goes out of the window as soon as money becomes involved.
Everybody has their price !
no, I don't think it's off. I reckon the TV show people ask the contestants to ham it up. If it meant so much to them in the first place, why haven't they kept it in good nick/had it repaired before?
ps, it's the same everywhere - you can't get on most programmes unless you have a granny who you are doing it for, triplets that are disabled who'd love it/would be so proud of you, doing it for your dead dad/wife/baby, restoring your car because you are unwell or you've had a rough time, doing it because your assistance dog needs the money
It's just a hook to get viewers in and it's all a load of tosh (in my opinion)
How do you keep an ancient artifact in good nick. .. you cant really stick a dollop of superglue onto your Great Grandmama's Ming vase can you ?
Totally agree.
Just checked out the listing but it all looks odd. Supposedly sold in January then reappeared in March where it’s been relisted 4 times with no takers. Same seller, same pics. Just desserts then???
Perhaps it will reappear later this week
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I agree, bednobs, that the producers are looking for a heartstring pulling story - Car SOS is the same. I would never agree to having my private life or health problems showcased on a tv so won't be my vintage car restored for nothing :D

But I do think the applicants should be genuine and not after a quick profit
car SOS are the WORST.
I have often thought I should get my husband's series 2 restored, and he sure has a big enough sob story. But it's not worth exposing yourself to it all.
They shot themselves in the foot that time they were doing it and the bloke died half way thru
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It does slightly amuse me that many of the items can be bought fully restored or in very good condition for under £100. I know it's the sentimental value that is important in this show but in the real world I wonder if any restorer has done that - bought a better one cheaply instead of restoring the old and kept quiet about it.

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That was last week's episode where the car owner died. I watched it and could not understand how the family was prepared to allow him to be filmed without his knowledge looking so frail and ill.
Maybe I'm the one out of synch.
the one i found odd was the matchstick ship her dad made which meant so much to the family ,her brother kept it in a shed ,it was in a terrible state
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That amused me, too, mallyh.
the one I saw was a few years ago - a relatively young man with (I think?) heart problems?
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The one I was shown on the 25th, a Fiat. The owner Steve had terminal cancer.
I do remember reading about a couple who put their house up for sale for a much higher price after Alan Tichmarsh & the Ground Force team had made over their garden.

Think after that Ground Force made all householders sign a clause that they couldnt sell the house for 2 years.
When my mother died last year, I found some of my father's things she had just left to rot in the garage. I managed to retrieve them and have been renovating them -his leather flying gloves someone had used to protect their hands when painting a fence took three weeks of gentle cleaning and reoiling. I would never part with those and they are in my Will to go to the child the least likely to flog them lol! Also wooden boxes he made to keep him occupied in retirement, all sanded and revarnished and going into the garden. I'm pretty easy going about 'Things' - I'll often buy something then sell it on, but some things are so precious I would not even consider selling, for whatever price.
Flog It! Is the same! “Oh! My dear grandmother left me this brooch and I have always loved it. She was so dear to me.” Next thong it’s being sold off for £50!
also it seems as if you make any money on a tv show you have to be doing something "worthy" with it.
It's all a crock!

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The Repair Shop - Coincidence?

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