Resident Dr Sarah Jarvis On Itv News, Resident Pessimist

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dave50 | 13:47 Tue 30th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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She never has any cheerful or positive news about the virus. She always has a miserable look on her face. Always doom and gloom.


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I find her very condescending Dave
She always sounds as if she has a cold
I think she’s ok, a realist who tells it like it is.
I think she’s a smiley person, can’t recall her looking miserable.
She's on Jeremy Vine every Monday, I can't stand her. As you say miserable and condescending.
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Yes and if there is a bit of positive news there's always a 'but' at the end.
Maybe they could team her up with Ant and Dec.

dave, it's rather ironic you should write this, don't you think?
Is there any positive news as regards the virus? Aside from the vaccines, of course.
I think she's realistic and explains things well. She seems 'cautiously optamistic' to me which is the same as most scientists/medical experts at the moment given the vaccinne success and is a little more optamistic than Chris Whitty. She's allso not afraid to say when she's not happy with the goverment approach, for example when they were talking of allowing us to get together for 5 days over Christmas.
//Yes and if there is a bit of positive news there's always a 'but' at the end.//
Thats life (or death in the case of covid). Theres got to be a but, look at the 3rd wave elsewhere, it would be foolish to ignore it, look at the risks of opening everything up when most pub/club goers wont have been vaccinnated yet due to there age, look at the risk to supply of vaccinnes, look at the variants, look at the very low take up in some communitys, look at the surge in Europe . But theres a lot to look forward to now the suns shining and we can meet outdoors for walks and meals/drinks
I listen to her on Jeremy Vine and think she talks a lot of common sense and gives excellent advice on general medical matters. Wish I had a GP like her
A realist - unlike all the Deniers.
It is her job she gets money. If she said all was fine then no job no money. Let her earn a living.
There are around 28,000 GPs in the UK, but this woman is never off the media: Jeremy Vine, The One Show, ITV, SKY. Does she get paid for each contribution?
I would have thought so - don't you get paid for the work you do?

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Resident Dr Sarah Jarvis On Itv News, Resident Pessimist

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