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Ruffec | 11:54 Tue 16th Mar 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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I have a Lenovo lap top which I have not used for some time. Every time I enter my password I am told that it is wrong. When I try to change my password I am told that I need a password reinitialisation disc to do this. Of course I do not have one. Any ideas please?


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Sorry that don’t help you if you’ve forgotten your password!

Which password are you trying to enter?
Microsoft one or local one?
If the former then can reset that on the Microsoft site. It sounds more likely that you had a local password for this laptop

In which case ...
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I have a lenovo
they are not too bad and yes this happens after a hard reset or an update.

Pretty horrific - I have always found the password I was using was wrong and yes there are the local one ( well done itch) and another internet one

and there was one awful time when it would only accept 4 characters.

I keep a series of back ups and mirror sites - 5 usually and rotate so that any data loss is 4 weeks ( still pretty disabling actually)

good luck

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Lenovo Lap Top

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