Tommy Cooper. The Plank.

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Zacs-Master | 19:00 Sun 14th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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It’s on Ch4 tonight! Classic British comedy. Enjoy, folks.


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I though The Plank was Eric Sykes.
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Sorry, BBC4 at 7pm.
On every night on YouTube
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They’re both in it, Togo.
Yep Tommy Cooper as well. Gotta be worth a watch.
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Looks like fibber needs to watch summat to cheer him up! Whatdamadder, fibbers, tell her uncle Zac?
Also available here:
I can't watch it for fear of losing control of my bladder, such is the power of this masterpiece.
There are two versions of this, both starring Eric Sykes. The 1967 version had Tommy cooper and the 1979, Arthur Lowe.
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I didn’t know that, Vulcan.
there is yet another version, from 1964 - it was from the BBC TV series "Sykes and a ........", series 7.
Dated, and of it’s time.
OH loved it but I just didn't 'get it' :0(
The plank used in this short film went on to have a varied and not very successful life afterwards and indeed anonymously posts on this very site using a name that incorporates the same two last letters in the new "name". The experience suffered in the making of this film obviously went some way towards moulding the fractious, down trodden but yearning for elevation, splinter filled persona that manifest itself quite regularly here.
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Ouch! Togo.
see how many continuity errors you can spot
Got all of them on DVD. Watch them a couple of times a year, great fun
>>> there is yet another version, from 1964 - it was from the BBC TV series "Sykes and a ........", series 7

Yup. That's the original version, which can be seen here:
(The video will probably open with sound muted. The button to enable it is at the bottom right of the screen).

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Tommy Cooper. The Plank.

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