Restoring Old Houses

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lankeela | 20:30 Sun 07th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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Despite finding Caroline Quentin far too obsequious I have found myself watching this but cannot understand why on shows like this. Building The Dream and DIY SOS they manage to make so many mistakes when measuring things like windows and doorways - surely that is something you check and recheck before ordering? I find myself shouting at the telly and saying why on earth wasn't it checked?


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I haven't watched those shows Lankeela, they wind me up, but I guess they love it because it cranks up the drama.

It's the reason why no one accepts orders like that by phone.
Email only, so that they have it in writing ;o)
The boring truth is that you double, double check first.
One of my Fathers most used sayings was "measure twice cut once" I still follow that rule.
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Well when spending £19,000 on windows I sure would!
When renovating/updating/extending the place I am writing this from, I had the interesting luxury of, at favourable rates, taking charge of 12 windows and a door which for a variety of reasons were "surplus to requirements" and then making openings to suit. No measurement complications or risks :).
> One of my Fathers most used sayings was "measure twice cut once" I still follow that rule.

Yep, great rule whether you're a tailor, carpenter or circumciser ...
The projects happen very quickly and the 2 rules of building apply:
FAST & CHEAP but it won’t be good quality
CHEAP & GOOD QUALITY, but it won’t be quick or on time
ON TIME and GOOD QUALITY but it cannot be CHEAP
I've often seen it on Grand Designs, where someone has gotten it so, so wrong with a massive window that's been made to order and takes 8 burly men to install. The homeowner is already in debt and 50% over budget
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They don't seem to learn from others' mistakes either do they?
definitely get a mohel to put in your windows, Ellipsis
I have watched some episodes of homes under the hammer and some of theses really wind me up. The estate agents come back after they are finished and say how good some are when I can see on many occasions where Mr Botchit and Scarper have been. Winds the wife up when I say what a mess they have made on some of them. You can usually tell which ones are there just for a quick buck.

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Restoring Old Houses

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